Yule Never Leave
Series 2
Episode 7
Previous episode Royston Vasey and the Monster from Hell
Next episode The Lesbian and the Monkey
Broadcast and release
First aired 27 December 2000
Viewing figures 2.26 Million
First released DVD

(Nov 25, 2002)

Writers Mark Gatiss

Steve Pemberton Reece Shearsmith Jeremy Dyson

Director Steve Bendelack
Guest stars Rusty Goffe

Freddie Jones Liza Tarbuck Frances Cox

Yule Never Leave (or The League of Gentlemen Christmas Special) was the only seasonal special done for TV, it was broadcasted on the 27th of December 2000.

The special began a trend of darker stories and no laughter track which carried on into Series 3.

The concept is taken from the Anthology horror films of Amicus Films and the MR James based Ghost Story for Christmas which Mark Gatiss has presented a documentary on James. Each of the episodes are connected by the fact that Reverend Bernice Woodall hears them.

== Plot ==