Reenie Calver
Reenie Calver
Actor Steve Pemberton
Programme The League of Gentlemen
Series 2, Christmas special, 3
First appearance "Destination: Royston Vasey"
Last appearance "How the Elephant Got Its Trunk"
Marital status Alive
Occupation Charity Shop worker
Solutions member
Related characters Vinnie Wythenshaw, Merill (co-workers)
Papa Lazarou (former co-worker, kidnapper)
Brian Morgan (ally)
"Alright, no need to be rude dear!"
Reenie Calver ("Destination: Royston Vasey")

Reenie Calver, portrayed by Steve Pemberton, was introduced in The League of Gentlemen's second series alongside Vinnie Wythenshaw. Working together in Royston Vasey's Charity Shop they form a double-act throughout the second series and briefly in the third series, before Vinnie is killed.

The sketches featuring the Charity Shop typically involve Reenie and Vinnie making any donations or sales an especially slow process, and when Reenie loses her co-worker she becomes caught up in an infiltration of Royston Vasey by Papa Lazarou, and eventually being captured by him herself.