Pauline Campbell-Jones is a Restart officer, leading mandatory (and exceedingly condescending) Restart courses which the chronically unemployed are compelled to attend. Pauline cannot conceal her contempt for the "dole scum" who attend her course at Royston Vasey's Jobcentre, and her eventual humiliation at joining their sorry ranks is too much for her to bear. Pauline has an obsession with pens and has a startling similarity to Deirdre Rachid from Coronation Street (a fact commented on by Ross). Her catch phrase is "Okey-cokey, pig in a pokey". Pauline was once accused of being a "psychotic 50-year-old lesbian", which aside from claiming she was only 48, she didn't deny. Her starsign is Virgo. She has a framed photograph of herself and another woman naked, who was named on the commentary of the Season 2 DVD as a former lover of Pauline's named Terri Makepeace. In the commentary of the Season 1 DVD when asked whether she is in a relationship, Pauline says, rather sadly, "There was someone once", and the commentary also names that person as Terri Makepeace. When asked about her family, she claims that they are all dead.She also wishes to open a pen shop called Her nibs. She is attracted to women and when taken to an all womens jail is lending out a dildo to every one and in return they give her pens.

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