Hilary Briss
Hilary Briss
Actor Mark Gatiss
Programme The League of Gentlemen
Series 1, 2
First appearance "Welcome to Royston Vasey"
Last appearance "Royston Vasey and the Monster from Hell"
Other appearances The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse
The League of Gentlemen Are Behind You!
Marital status Alive
Age "[Spans] great oceans of time..."
Occupation Butcher
Related characters A cow (partner)
Maurice Evans, Samuel Chignell, Inspector Cox ('special stuff' consumers)
"I've had a... special delivery."
Hilary Briss (Nightmare in Royston Vasey)

Hilary Briss, portrayed by Mark Gatiss is a central character in the narrative of first two series of The League of Gentlemen before being written out, but gains an important role in The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse - although this is considered an alternative continuity due to changes in his character arc.

Introduced as Royston Vasey's malevolent and mysterious butcher in the first episode, the first series charts his importing of special stuff - a mysterious food source of unknown origin sold to a select few. The following series brings the special stuff arc to the forefront, as those who consume it begin experiencing fatal nosebleeds, leading to an epidemic. Briss evades capture by the authorities and relocates to Jamaica.

Gatiss' revival of the character in The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse made him a more aggressive and outright villain, but the character achieves redemption in the film's narrative when he loses his life in his loyalty to Royston Vasey.