Geoff Tipps
Geoff Tipps
Actor Reece Shearsmith
Programme The League of Gentlemen
Series 1, 2, 3
First appearance "Welcome to Royston Vasey"
Last appearance "How the Elephant Got Its Trunk"
Other appearances The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse
Marital status Single
Occupation Amateur stand-up comedian
Plastics company: employee (formerly)
Related characters Mike Harris (former colleague and superior)
Brian Morgan (former colleague)
"Now you're gonna tell this joke - and we're all gonna laugh!"
Geoff Tipps

Geoff Tipps is a character from the BBC sitcom, The League of Gentlemen. He is played by Reece Shearsmith.

Geoff is a plastic moulding salesman. His two colleagues and best friends are Mike (Steve Pemberton) and Brian (Mark Gatiss). Despite this Geoff dislikes them, and constantly accuses them of talking behind his back. This is shown when Geoff accuses Mike of making Brian his best man without telling him first. To change Mike's mind, Geoff reveals Brian said Mike's fiancee, Cheryl, looked like a moose.

Geoff has a cruel sense of humour. He gave Mike an electric tube as an engagement present. He also forced Brian to tell Mike a joke about Mau-Mau. When Brian was unable to remember the joke, Geoff pulled out a gun and put it to Mike's head. This scene was inspired by a time when Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith were eating at a restaurant and heard a man trying to remember a joke for his two friends.

Geoff also pretended to shoot himself at his birthday. He was later confused at his friends' anger at him.

When Geoff, Mike and Brian were travelling to a plastics convention, Geoff insulted Barbara, their taxi driver so much, she forced them out of the taxi and they had to continue on foot. When Brian was injured, Geoff stayed with him, while Mike went off to find help. Geoff gradually turned insane, believing he saved their lives, everyone would treat him like a hero. When he thought he heard an intruder, he attacked them with a heavy stick - afterwards it turned out it was Mike.

Geoff planned to dig a hole for Mike, and got into an argument with Brian. It turned out Mike was only stunned and Geoff and Brian told him it was wolves that knocked him out.

Later, Geoff left his job as a salesman, to go to London and become a stand-up comic. He stayed overnight at a hotel called The Salmon of Knowledge, where his act was a complete disaster, due to his poor material and nervous disposition. When his car was blown up, Geoff stole Legz Akimbo's van to drive back to Royston Vasey. As he was driving down the high street of Vasey, he swerved to miss hitting Pauline Campbell-Jones and crashed into a wall.

Geoff was horrifically injured in the accident, and had to undergo massive facial surgery. However, during his stay in the hospital, he received constant visits where people hugely enjoyed his jokes and anecdotes.