Barbara Dixon


The transsexual Barbara is the proprietor of the local taxi firm, Bab's Cabs, and likes to regale passengers with graphic descriptions of her upcoming operation. She has a deep voice and a necklace with her name on it which nestles in amongst her chest hair. Her face is briefly seen in season 1 episode 6. At the end of Season 1 the operation is botched by substitute surgeon Mr. Chinnery (see below), with the result that in Season 2 Barbara can't tell what sex she is any more. To further confuse matters, Barbara is seen heavily pregnant in Season 3 and gives birth to twins who strongly resemble Tubbs and Edward. Barbara was briefly married to Tubbs and Edward's son, David. Their marriage was short-lived as angry townsfolk set fire to the Local Shop on their wedding night, killing David in the blaze. leaving barbra with his local children.


soon Barbara joins a dating agency, and gets romantically linked with Mr. Ingleby, who funds the last part of her operation